Click on the class dates or times to sign up! You MUST be at least 14 years 8 months old by the first day of class to be eligible for Segment One. For online class you will be asked to provide payment AND upload a picture of a birth certificate!


Christmas Class Option 1/"Early" Option:

Friday, Dec. 11: 4-6pm

Saturday, Dec. 12: 10am-12pm

Friday, Dec. 18: 4-6pm

Saturday, Dec. 19: 10am-12pm

Monday, Dec. 21: 4-6pm

Tuesday, Dec. 22: 4-6pm

Wednesday, Dec. 23: 4-6pm

Thursday, Dec. 24: 10am-12pm

Monday, Dec. 28: 4-6pm

Tuesday, Dec. 29: 4-6pm

Wednesday, Dec. 30: 4-6pm

Thursday, Dec. 31: 10am-12pm


Christmas Class Option 2/"Later" Option:

Friday, Dec. 11: 6-8pm

Saturday, Dec. 12: 12-2pm

Friday, Dec. 18: 6-8pm

Saturday, Dec. 19: 12-2pm

Monday, Dec. 21: 6-8pm

Tuesday, Dec. 22: 6-8pm

Wednesday, Dec. 23: 6-8pm

Thursday, Dec. 24: 12-2pm

Monday, Dec. 28: 6-8pm

Tuesday, Dec. 29: 6-8pm

Wednesday, Dec. 30: 6-8pm

Thursday, Dec. 31: 12-2pm