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Adult Lessons

Adults (those who are over 18) must first go to the Secretary of State and get a Temporary Instruction Permit (T.I.P.). They will be given a 40 question written test at the Secretary of State. Use this practice test to help prepare for the written exam! Once they have a T.I.P., this allows them to practice driving with a licensed adult. They must practice for at least 30 days before they can take a Road Test, however the 30 day waiting period will be waived if they have:

  • had a previous license
  • have a current license from another country or
  • had Segment 1 drivers ed class and a Level 1 License


Once they have their TIP they can schedule driving lessons with us. The availability of instructors is very flexible but also varies. We provide a vehicle that is equipped with a brake, and a certified driving instructor. Lessons are $70/hour and can be scheduled by calling our office anytime M-F 9am-5pm at 517-339-0133.



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