Segment One

Segment One is the class you take anytime after you turn 14 years, 8 months old. It includes 24 hours of classroom time, 6 hours of behind the wheel driving and 4 hours of driving observation. 

SEGMENT 1 Class Schedule

Some classes will be VIRTUAL and some will be in person. Please be aware which kind of class you are signing up for!


Wk 1=Friday & Saturday: 2-4pm

Wk 2=Sunday-Saturday: 2-4pm

Wk 3=Sunday-Tuesday: 2-4pm

August 15-September 1 [VIRTUAL] FULL WAIT LIST

Monday-Thursday: 6-8pm

September 10/11-October 15/16 [VIRTUAL] Weekend Only Class

Saturdays & Sundays only: 1-3pm

September 12-29 [VIRTUAL]

Monday-Thursday: 6-8pm

October 3-27 [VIRTUAL] Special Homeschool/Daytime class

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8-10AM

October 3-20 [VIRTUAL]

Monday-Thursday: 6-8pm

October 24-November 10 [VIRTUAL] AFTER FALL SPORTS

Monday-Thursday: 6-8pm

November 11-22 [VIRTUAL] SPECIAL THANKSGIVING SCHEDULE; 12 days in a row

Wk 1=Friday & Saturday

Wk 2=Sunday-Saturday

Wk 3=Sunday-Tuesday

Weekday classes=6-8pm

Weekend classes=2-4pm

November 28-December 15 [VIRTUAL]

Monday-Thursday: 6-8pm

December 9-29 [VIRTUAL] SPECIAL CHRISTMAS Schedule!

Wk 1=Friday & Saturday (Dec 9/10)

Wk 2=Friday & Saturday (Dec 16/17)

Wk 3=Monday-Thursday (Dec 19-22)

Wk 4=Monday-Thursday (Dec 26-29)


Typically we list out classes for 6-9 months, however, the calendar has been very fluid over the past year+ with changing schedules for school/sports and government dictates. Please click here to be put on the alert list  so you are notified before the public when we are opening another class

Drivers Ed Class Lansing East Lansing Haslett Okemos Williamston Perry Laingsburg DeWitt Bath
Drivers Ed Class Lansing East Lansing Haslett Okemos Williamston Perry Laingsburg DeWitt Bath

We generally recommend students take drivers education as soon as they are eligible so they can have as much time on their permit to PRACTICE as possible. This is especially important in Michigan as we have 4 very distinct seasons that present different driving challenges. We offer classes all year long. Currently Segment 1 is $450.

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