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Road Tests

A Road Test is the last step before getting a license. You should be able to drive ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ALL BY YOURSELF with NO QUESTIONS asked before you sign up for a Road Test. 
Mr. R's conducts Road Tests Monday-Saturday during daylight hours. 
The Road Test costs $70 at Mr. R's and if you fail your first test, your second test is $50. Any additional tests would be $70. Weekend tests are $75 no matter what number test it is (you do NOT get a price break on test #2 if you want to schedule on the weekend)
Mr.R's also has vehicles to rent and use on your Road Test. The cost of vehicle rental is $35

When Can I Take My Road Test?

If you are UNDER 18 you may take a road test when:

  1. You have been on your LEVEL 1 LICENSE for AT LEAST 6 months How can I find out when I got my Level 1 License?

  2. You have taken and passed Segment 2 class

  3. You have had AT LEAST 50 hours of driving with parents or approved adults (at least 10 of those at night)


If you are 18 or older you may take a Road Test when

  1. You have a Temporary Instruction Permit (T.I.P.) from the Secretary of State and have had it for AT LEAST 30 days OR had the 30 day waiting period "waived"


Road Skill Test Study Guide: This is published by the State of Michigan and gives DETAILED explanations about the scoring and what you will be expected to do on the Road Test







How To Pass The Road Test...Parking Edition!: Learn how the parking lot is scored on the road test, including real life demonstration!













Parent Substitute Letter: If you can't make it to your child's Road Test, you can designate another adult to ride along in your place. This is a form letter to designate someone else to ride with them and also to certify they have had the proper driving requirements completed in order to take the test. Please fill the form in, print it off and bring it to the Road Test appointment.

What Every Driver Must Know: This booklet is put out by the Secretary of State and goes over many basics about the driving process and handling different situations. If you are a beginner, then you should start here. This version is condensed to include only the parts that talk about driving a vehicle on the road!

Parking Lot Layout: These are the measurements for the Basic Control Skills Test anywhere you take a Road Test in the State of Michigan. Keep in mind you will get 6 feet more than the length of YOUR CAR for the last maneuver, often referred to as 'Parallel Parking". The "Continue-lines" represent the area you must be within to constitute a valid attempt. If your car is not entirely within that area, you will be asked to continue the exercise until your car IS entirely within that area.

Parking Layout for BCS.PNG
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