Segment Two

Segment Two is 6 hours of classroom instruction. There is no driving component to Segment Two. You MUST have your Level One License for at least 3 MONTHS (90 days) and have at LEAST 30 hours of driving (2 at night) completed to be eligible to take Segment Two. We recommend taking Segment Two just prior to taking your Road Test. Just click on the class date to register and reserve your spot in class today!


2020 Segment 2 Schedule

Choose Carefully-some of these are VIRTUAL CLASSES and some meet in person!

December 7, 8, 9-VIRTUAL

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 3:30-5:30pm

December 14, 15, 16-VIRTUAL

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 3:30-5:30pm

December 21, 22, 23-VIRTUAL

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 12-2pm


We are waiting to release our full fall schedule until we have more information about school & sports schedules. Please click here to be put on our SEGMENT TWO alert list for our HASLETT LOCATION so you are notified when we open those classes. (that way you will find out before anyone else!)

Segment 2 is currently $60 at Mr. R's. You can pay when you sign up online with a credit or debit card or you can pay on the first night of class with cash, check, Mastercard or Visa. Students must also bring their Level 1 License AND driving log to the first night of class 

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